Promotion for Environmental Technology Incubator Program(環保科技育成中心)


Promotion for Environmental Technology Incubator Program was executed between 2003 and 2007, 14 domestic and foreign patents were granted during the five years. 39 patent applications proceeded simultaneously, too. Academically, the project published 33 periodical articles & 44 seminar papers, attended 10 seminars & 28 exhibitions, held five achievement exhibitions & seven presentations of technology promotion, and received seven prizes for the R&D achievements in total. In terms of industrial mass production, 28 cases of technology transfer were completed to 13 industrial manufacturers in total during the above-mentioned five years; four technologies of mass productions were executed to four industrial manufacturers. When we take the above-mentioned project of realistic mass production as an example, the realistic environmental benefits can be seen in the aspects such as “the effectively increased amount of the recycled spent plastic electroplating”, “the reduced dioxin damages to the environment and human beings”, and “the improved production process from the raw materials to the finished products accompanied by zero waste.” Concrete and practical measures and methods are provided to carry out the environmental policies of EPA. During the data compiling, it was also found that an R&D project focusing on school teachers revealed the solid academic foundation but needed the longer conversion period for technology incubation. The percentage of resource recycling & reuse with innovative technology (such as molecular biology and nanometer technology) at 80% showed the correspondence to the priority policies such as Zero Waste, Resource Recycling Act, and Soil & Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act, which EPA comprehensively propelled in the past five years. That was clearly distinguished from the industrial technology, which Ministry of Economic Affairs, ROC, and National Science Council comprehensively propelled.

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Challenge 2008 National Development Plan
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Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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