History and Development


Based on the Statute of the Environmental Professionals Training Institute, Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, announced in December 1990 that this training institute would be established on 1 July 1991. The Institute is in charge of training government inspectors in environmental protection. The Institute was first located in Sindian City, Taipei County, and has been relocated to Jhongli, Taoyuan County in 1999 to complete the establishment of a new EPA office.

The present services of the Institute are based on the Basic Environment Act: "The Central Government should hold professional environmental training and establish a qualification system for environmental inspectors to enhance the quality of the environmental protection." The Institute is in charge of holding training for skills in pollution prevention, regulations and administration management for environmental protection authorities, authorities in charge of relevant industries, and private and public business for the purpose of increasing the skill of environmental protection businesses, and thus help the promotion and execution of environmental protection policies of the government. Moreover, in cooperating with environmental protection laws regulating that all businesses should have professional people in charge, the institute conducts certification training for environmental protection professionals to increase efficiency and competition for businesses. The major services include:

A. Professional skills for environmental protection inspectors

B. Training in professional certification for environmental protection inspectors

C. Certification management

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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