Supervising and Evaluating the Management of Environment-Related Affairs

A. Promoting the Management of Administrative Objectives and Plans

In line with the Mechanism of Annual Administrative Performance Assessment established by the Executive Yuan, the Section is responsible for the performance assessment of the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA). To achieve administrative objectives and improve administrative performance, the Section tracks the implementation procedures of essential projects periodically, conducting annual performance review of essential projects.

B. Enhancing the Performances of Local Environmental Protection Bureaus (EPBs)

In order to improve the overall environmental quality, the Section assists in the assessment of annual performance of county and city environmental protection bureaus (EPBs), encouraging better cooperation and coordination among central and local agencies. For this determination, the Section takes part in constructing the Local Environmental Agency Performance Evaluation System, which includes the categories, items and attribute weights of various performance indicators.

C. Strengthening the Effectiveness of Governance

The Section is also responsible for improving EPA’s administrative efficiency and responding citizens’ expectations. To strengthen the effectiveness of governance, the Section carries out the following activities: promote EPA’s internal control system; supervise progress of assigned public construction projects; enhance administrative reform measure; encourage professional studies and development activities; and improve the overall quality of EPA’s service.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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