Management of Green Products

A. Promotion and Management of Green Mark Ecolabel

The Section promotes eco-labeling schemes for Green Mark ecolabel and Type II green products; it develops new criteria for Green Mark products and revises existing criteria; it fosters applications for eco-labeling and certification of green products; it promotes international cooperation and information exchange related to green mark ecolabel; moreover, the Section encourages provisions of environmentally friendly green products and services.

B. Promotion and Management of Carbon Footprint Labeling

The Section promotes labeling and reduction scheme for product carbon footprints (PCF); it develops product category rules (PCR) for determination of product carbon footprints; it fosters applications for labeling and certification of product carbon footprints; it promotes international cooperation and information exchange related to product carbon footprint management; moreover, the Section encourage reductions of product carbon footprints and associated GHG emissions.

C. Promotion of Public and Private Sectors’ Green Purchasing and Citizens’ Green Consumption and Lifestyles

The Section implements promotion program for green purchasing by government agencies; it cooperates with local environmental protection agencies to promote green purchasing by the private sector; it strengthens marketing channels for green products; it disseminates green consumption knowledge and awareness; furthermore, the Section expands market for green products to encourage citizens’ green living lifestyles. 

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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