Environmental Education (環境教育)

A. Objective Environmental Education

Help citizens in Taiwan develop the concept of environmental ethics and the consensus of public participation in environmental protection to call for public environmental protection action.

B. Work Content:

(1) Environmental education in the campus

The Department executes “Three-year Implementation Project of Environmental Education in the Campus” to promote campus environmental management, environmental teaching, and environmental education. The schools, teachers, and students that have contributed to environmental education promotion have been selected and acknowledged. The “Small Green Award-The National Illustration Selection Competition of Children’s Environmental Education” has been conducted to promote the teaching of environmental education in public and private pre-schools, elementary schools, and junior high schools. To integrate environmental and sustainable development concept into school education, the Department encourages the implementation projects of environmental creative teaching. In addition, the Department also conducts the “Implementation Projects of the First Experience of Environmental Protection” to invite the voluntary participation in environmental protection of students from high schools, vocational high schools, colleges, an
d universities and encourages them to improve or solve environmental problems through practical actions.

(2) Environmental Education in the Society: 

The Department promotes the promulgation of the “Environmental Education Act” for the establishment of comprehensive environmental education system, the development of national environmental education guidelines, and the support of environmental sustainable development. The Department assists the establishment of local environmental protection agencies and the utilization of volunteer groups of environmental protection to strengthen the consensus on environmental protection, public participation in environmental education campaign and environmental protection action. The Department conducts Clean Up Taiwan Plan to organize single community or several ones as one unit to make use of community manpower and resources to clean up the environment, unkempt areas, to reduce waste, recycle resources, control community pollution, encourage green consumption, train volunteers of environmental protection, promote environmental education and nature ecological education, participate in the building of green environment, u
tilize idle space, establish model communities of environmental protection, and create clean and comfortable living environments. In addition, the Department integrates private resources to form voluntary environmental protection groups, which are encouraged to join environmental education or environmental protection services and assist the promotion of domestic environmental protection that enables community residents to manage their own community environment and build new community culture. The establishment of participatory environmental protection mechanisms offers a good opportunity for individuals, groups, enterprises, and institutions to make the best use and to generate the power of environmental protection action.

C. Media Campaign:

The Department continues working with the broadcasting media to produce environmental protection programs and the print media to report environmental protection messages, broadcasts environmental films on TV channels, and make use of public TV, outdoor electronic media, and publications to campaign environmental protection policies and promote public education. These measures effectively construct dual communication channels between the EPA and the public that helps to convey policy intentions and gain public supports, educate the public environmental protection knowledge and concept, and announce the coming up environmental education activities. To ensure the nationwide acceptance of environmental protection knowledge and concepts, the Department publishes environmental protection books, literature, posters, pamphlets, and CDs to convey new environmental knowledge in wider scope and to increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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