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Bilingual Glossary

空污費制度Air Pollution Fee system
空氣品質分析Air quality analysis
空氣品質分析及策略規劃Air quality analysis and strategic planning
空氣品質預報Air quality forecasts
空氣品質模式模擬Air quality model simulation
空氣品質監測Air quality monitoring
空氣檢測 Air testing
一般監測站Ambient air quality monitoring stations
APEC海洋資源保育APEC marine resource conservation
背景監測Background air quality monitoring
巴塞爾公約Basel Convention
總量管理制度Cap and Trade
氣候變遷與環境衝擊Climate change and environmental impact
社區污水下水道系統Community sewage systems
固定源連線自動監測及檢測Continuous automatic monitoring and testing of stationary sources
數據品保與分析Data quality assurance and analysis
柴油車管制Diesel vehicle control
災害防救Disaster prevention and response
天然災後消毒Disinfecting measures after natural disasters
飲用水Drinking water
排放標準Effluent standards
環境影響評估監督EIA monitoring
環境影響評估審查EIA review
消除登革熱孳生源Eliminating dengue fever mosquito breeding sources
行業別排放標準Emission standards by industry category
污染物排放申報Emissions reporting
事業別定義Enterprises category definitions
環境用藥Environmental agents
環境資料庫Environmental database
環境教育Environmental education
學校環境教育Environmental education in schools
社會環境教育Environmental education throughout society
環境地理資訊Environmental geographic information
環境綠美化與空氣淨化Environmental greenification and air purification
環境影響評估Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
環境資訊Environmental information
環境監測及資訊Environmental monitoring and information management
環境蟲鼠防治Environmental pest control
環境衛生Environmental sanitation
環境衛生及飲用水Environmental sanitation and drinking water
環境調查研究Environmental survey research
環境檢測Environmental testing
環境檢測作業Environmental testing operations
環境檢測標準方法訂定Establishing standard methods for environmental testing work
空氣品質監測作業Execution of air quality monitoring
水質監測作業Execution of water quality monitoring
廚餘回收Food waste recycling
燃料管制Fuels control
逸散性污染源空氣污染管制Fugitive emission control
汽油車管制Gasoline vehicle control
溫室氣體排放清冊及排放量盤查Greenhouse gases inventory
地下水污染與整治Groundwater remediation
廢棄物國際糾紛處理Handing of international disputes on waste
公害糾紛處理Handling of public nuisance disputes
公害陳情處理Handling of public nuisance petitions
有害空氣污染物管制Hazardous air pollutant control
指標生物鑑定Identification of indicator organisms
事業廢棄物輸出入Import and export of industrial waste
工業區污水下水道系統Industrial park sewage systems
事業廢棄物管制中心Industrial Waste Control Center
事業廢棄物管理Industrial waste management
事業廢水管制Industrial waste water management
感染性醫療廢棄物Infectious medical waste
無機檢測inorganic testing
污染源稽查Inspection of pollution sources
國際雙邊合作International bilateral cooperation
國際環保與合作International environmental protection and cooperation
低頻噪音Low frequency noise
公廁清潔維護Maintenance of cleanliness in public toilets
海岸清潔維護Maintenance of coastal cleanliness
建築物污水處理管理Management of building sewage treatment
飲用水設備管理Management of drinking water equipment
飲用水水質管理Management of drinking water quality
飲用水處理藥劑管理Management of drinking water treatment agents
環境用藥管理Management of environmental agents
環境用藥許可管理Management of environmental agents permits
環保設施管理Management of environmental protection facilities
環境檢驗測定機構管理Management of environmental testing organizations
一般廢棄物管理Management of general waste
海洋污染防治相關法規管理Management of marine pollution prevention regulations
海洋海岸放流管理Management of ocean dischargers
海洋棄置管理Management of ocean dumping
臭氧層破壞物質管制Management of ozone depleting substances (ODS)
包盛裝水水源水質管理Management of packaged water quality
污水下水道系統及生活污水管理Management of sewage systems and household waste water
防止船舶污染海洋管理Management of the pollution of the sea by ships/vessels
毒物管理及環境衛生用藥Management of toxic substances and environmental and sanitation agents
機動車輛排放污染物及噪音測定機構管理Management of vehicle emission and noise testing organizations
水污染防治措施之管理Management of waste pollution prevention measures
廢污水檢測申報管理Management of waste water testing declarations
廢污水許可管理Management of wastewater permits
公告資源回收物Mandatory recyclables
海洋污染應變技術Marine oil pollution emergency response technologies
海洋污染防治Marine pollution Control
海洋污染防治相關許可管理Marine pollution control permit management
微生物檢測Microbiological testing
減緩氣候變遷 mitigation of climate change
移動污染源防制Mobile source control
機車管制Motorbike control
廢棄物及土壤共通檢測方法Mutually applicable testing methods for  wastes and soil
噪音振動Noise and vibration
噪音管制Noise control
場所、工程及設施之噪音管制Noise controls at venues, construction sites and facilities
民俗及近鄰噪音Noise from cultural and neighborhood activities
噪音檢測Noise measurement
噪音陳情Noise petitions
非屬原子能游離輻射Non-ionizing radiation
非公告資源回收物Non-mandatory recyclables
海域Oceans; coastal
辦公室環保Office environmental protection
油品管制Oil product control
運作管理Operation management
有機檢測Organic testing
超微粒測站Particulate matter supersites
許可及稽查制度Permit and inspection system
光化測站Photochemical assessment monitoring stations
物理檢測Physics testing
規劃評估Planning and evaluation
空氣品質監測規劃Planning of air quality monitoring
水質監測規劃Planning of water quality monitoring
河川、湖庫污染防治Pollution prevention for river、lakes and reservoirs
公害糾紛預防與處理Prevention and handling of Public nuisance disputes
潔淨車輛推動Promotion of clean vehicles
綠色消費推廣Promotion of green consumption
公共污水下水道系統Public sewage systems
公民營廢棄物清除處理機構Publicly and Privately Owned Waste Management Organizations
環境檢測品保品管Quality assurance and quality control for environmental testing
休憩海域Recreational coastal areas
溫室氣體減量策略Reduction strategies for Greenhouse gases
區域環境管理Regional environmental management
資源回收Resource recycling
環境污染事件應變Response to environmental pollution incidents
河川Rivers and streams
道路、鐵路、航空等交通噪音管制Road, railroad and aviation noise controls
環境污染物採樣Sampling for environmental pollutants
土壤及地下水Soil and groundwater
土壤污染整治Soil pollution remediation
固定污染源防制Stationary air pollution source control
政策環境影響評估Strategic environmental assessment (SEA)
淡水河系污染整治計畫Tamsui River Pollution Remediation Project
環境污染物檢測Testing for environmental pollutants
空氣檢測方法Testing methods for air pollutants
飲用水處理藥劑檢測方法Testing methods for drinking water treatment agents
環境用藥檢測方法Testing methods for environmental agents
環境生物檢測方法Testing methods for environmental biology
物理檢測方法Testing methods for physical properties
土壤檢測方法Testing methods for soil
毒性化學物質檢測方法Testing methods for toxic chemical substances
廢棄物檢測方法Testing methods for wastes
水質檢測方法Testing methods for water quality
檢驗測定機構Testing organizations
海洋污染事件處理To handle major marine pollution incidents
毒性化學物質Toxic chemical substances
超微量物質檢測Trace pollutants testing
紫外線測報Ultraviolet radiation forecasts
氣候變化綱要公約及京都議定書United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and Kyoto Protocol
管制區劃定Various categories of restrictions [Noise] control zone delineation
機動車輛噪音管制Vehicle noise controls
振動管制Vibration controls
振動檢測Vibration measurement
廢棄物管制Waste controls
廢棄物管理Waste management
水污染防治費Water pollution control fees
水質管理監督Water quality management and supervision
湖庫水質管理Water quality management for lakes and reservoirs
海洋水質管理Water quality management for marine
河川水質管理Water quality management for river
環境水質監測Water quality monitoring
水質保護Water quality protection
飲用水水源保護區劃設Water source protection zone planning
WTO環境與貿易WTO environment and trade

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