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Taiwan, US and Malaysia Jointly Hold International E-waste Management Network Conference

The environmental protection agencies of Taiwan, Malaysia and the US recently hosted the 6th International E-waste Management Network Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The conference, which concluded on 7 October 2016, was an opportunity for 48 government and non-governmental organization representatives from 17 nations in Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe, and the Pacific Ocean to share their experiences in managing e-waste.

The Taiwan and US EPAs and Malaysia’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment jointly held the 6th International E-waste Management Network Conference from 4 to 7 October 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ming-Hua Hsu, Deputy Executive Secretary of the EPA's Recycling Fund Management Board, led Taiwan’s team of government personnel, academics, and experts to attend the conference. During his speech given at the opening ceremony on September 21, Mr. Hsu pointed out that, to share regional policies and experiences in managing e-waste, since 2011 the Taiwan EPA has been regularly holding the International E-Waste Recycling Management Partnership Conference along with associated research activities, as a part of the Taiwan-US Environmental Protection Cooperative Agreement. He said he was delighted to see that more nations had made important changes and substantial progress in developing systems to recycle e-waste, and pointed out that some countries had adopted Taiwan’s e-waste recycling system as the foundation of their own, and then tweaked it to fit local circumstances.

As in the past, on the first day of the conference delegates from each of the partnership nations reported on their nation’s progress in the previous year in promoting e-waste policy and management, and also outlined their current situations. The following three days were mostly a continuation of discussion on last year’s topics, focusing on the infrastructure and practical matters concerning environmentally harmless e-waste management that are much needed by many countries. Discussions also centered on management policies and administrative technology for tracking the flow of e-waste.

This network conference is one of the most important parts of the International Environmental Partnership that the EPA initiated in 2014. After the four days of discussions and experience exchanges, all delegates said that they would take what they had learned from each other back to their home countries to improve their own e-waste recycling and treatment policies and to update related legal infrastructure.

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