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Policy Vision, Strategies, Performance, and Prospect(環保政策)

I Vision: Blue skies and green earth, verdant mountains and pristine waters, and health and sustainability.

II Five main strategies:
(1) Building a sound structure to promote sustainability
(2) Saving energy and reducing carbon emissions to cool the earth
(3) Recycling resources to achieve zero waste
(4) Eliminating pollution to protect the ecosystem
(5) Cleaning neighborhoods and promoting lifestyles of health and sustainability

III Important Policy Performance
(1) Performance in Amended Regulations:
We stipulated, amended, and abolished 16 regulations, including Basic Environment Act and other relevant regulations

(2) Measures to Reduce Greenhouse Gases:
We established the Office of Greenhouse Gases Reduction Management, promoted legislation of "Greenhouse Gases Reduction Act" and relevant measures, and stipulated "Action Program of No-Regret Measures for Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction by All Citizens" to actively promote national movement of energy saving and carbon reduction. We launched "National Greenhouse Gases Registration Platform." Since January in 2009, there have been 139 companies voluntarily reporting their inventory information. We started "Eco-Life Website - energy saving and carbon reduction network" to let citizens sign carbon declaration and register the actual performance. To January in 2009, there have been over 370 thousand people to sign the carbon declaration.

(3) Citizen Movement for Cleaning neighborhoods:
We executed "National Movement Program for Purifying Home," dealt with evaluation to counties and cities, and organized on-site inspection done by central administration. We also executed "Program to elevate environmental health quality responding to Chinese tourists visiting Taiwan." We supervised the improvement or rebuilding of the public toilets in important scenic areas and routes along these areas. We executed "Emergent Clearance Project to Eliminate Dengue Fever Mosquito Breeding Sources in Five Cities and Counties in the South" to reduce the density index of dengue fever mosquito. We promoted and executed "Project for Elevating the Quality of Taiwan's Public Restrooms " to improve sanitation and maintenance. We drafted the "Project to Build a Sustainable and Good Environmental sanitation" to promote and establish double-mobilization system, to elevate the quality of environmental sanitation in cities and countries, to establish a demonstrative community with good environmental quality, and to restore coastal zones to cleanliness.

(4) Continuous Improvement of Air Quality:
The rate of poor air quality has been decreased from 6.6% in 1996 to 2.97% in 2008. In general, the rate of poor air quality has a trend of decrease year by year. It shows that the efforts to improve air quality work effectively. We actively promote the policy of vapor recovery in gas stations. 2,627 gas stations nationwide have all equipped with vapor recovery facilities.

(5) Obvious Improvement on Water Quality in Rivers:
The rate of seriously polluted rivers has decreased from 15.8% in 2003 to 4.2% in the end of 2008. Among these rivers, the rate of the seriously polluted rivers belonging to Tamshui River system has decreased to 5% in the end of 2008. The polluted water quality in the Erren River has decreased to 21.9%. The water quality is the best than before. We established artificial wetland to facilitate biological diversity and constructed “On-site Facilities for River’s Water Quality Treatment.” Over these years, we completed facilities for improving water quality in 79 places. The water quantity processed everyday is over 0.5 million tons.

(6) Excellent Achievement in Recycling:
The rate of national waste recycling in November in 2008 went to 41.76%. Refuse amount collected per capita per day has decreased from 1.143 kg which is the highest of the year to 0.523 kg which exceeds advanced countries. We completed 4 technological parks of environmental protection. By December in 2008, 71 companies are approved to move in the parks. It is estimated that nearly 14.6 billion dollars from non-governmental capital will be invested, and 33.3 billion dollars of production value will be made every year.

(7) Promotion on People’s Green Consumption:
We set up 109 dimension standards. Taiwan is ranked the third worldwide. 4,475 products’ applications are approved. It is ranked the fifth in the world. The total used labels are over 5.2 billion pieces. We set Greenliving Information Platform for application for environmental labels and relevant information. We assisted 1,055 companies and organizations to carry out the green purchasing. In 2008, the amount of green purchasing from administrations and non-governmental organizations achieved 7.8 billion dollars. We also established marketing channels for eco-friendly products and assisted 820 stores including Taiwan Sugar Corporation shopping malls to transform into “green stores” in order to give convenient accesses for people to buy eco-friendly products.

(8) Quality Elevation of Environmental Assessment:
We will amend relevant regulations for the preliminary reviewing in order to further specify the preliminary reviewing and to keep the quality of both reviewing and efficiency. We will reinforce the work to provide information of environmental influence assessment process in public. All related information will be announced in our website.

(9) Supervision on Environmental Pollution:
We inspect and supervise important sources of pollution and projects. From January to December in 2008, we inspected 145,580 cases and reported 3,291 cases. We also reinforce the inspection to criminal cases of environmental protection. From January to December in 2008, we referred 76 cases and 184 persons to judiciary administration. We found and impounded 33 criminal facilities and effectively stop illegal matters.

(10) Establishment of Incinerators and Soil Pollution Remediation:
We have established and operated 24 incinerators and deal with refuse problem appropriately. By the end of December in 2008, 53 soil pollution remediation sites for non-agricultural lands have completed the remediation and are deregulated. The average improvement rate of the soil pollution remediation sites for agricultural lands reaches 72%. The average improvement rate of pollution sites in gas stations reaches 60%. The average improvement rate of pollution sites in factories reaches 54%.

(11) Promotion on the Online Application for Approval of Environmental Protection:
To cooperate with e-trade and clearance procedures proposed by the Executive Yuan, we have completer the matches between poisoned chemical substances and environment medicine list, and our system has connected with the system of Directorate General of Customs. It has been carried out since January 22 in 2008. 2008 environment medicine permits and permits for environment medicine selling, and pest control industry can be applied online.

IV Policy Prospect
(1) Complete Regulations for Environmental Protection:
We will continue promoting Environmental Education Act, National Greenhouse Gases Reduction Act, Indoor Air Quality Management Act, the legislation for Regulations on the Administration of the Environmental Engineering, Waste Disposal Act, Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act, and other tasks of amendment.

(2) Implementation of Policies for Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction:
We will appropriately respond to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, actively facilitate the legislation of “Greenhouse Gases Reduction Act,” and gradually establish lawful system for the administration on greenhouse gases emission and reduction. We will also maintain and update “National Greenhouse Gases Registration Platform” to check out the registration of greenhouse gases and make plans for reduction strategies and action projects of the initial stage in order to keep up with the international trend. We keep promoting "Project of Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Measures for All Citizens" to carry out the educational advocacy of energy saving and carbon reduction.

(3) Promotion on Low Carbon Transportation Network:
We will execute the promotion plan for LPG cars, and taxis will have the priority to be subsidized for modification. We will promote electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, electric-auxiliary bicycles, bicycle rental system, and other low carbon transportation tools. We encourage people to use bio-diesel fuel, ethanol fuel, and other clean fuel. We will establish air quality purity zone and bicycle paths. We plan to plant trees with about 30 hectares every year and to newly construct bicycle paths about ten km.

(4) Reinforcement of the Participation Mechanism for Environmental Assessment:
We promote the environmental assessment mechanism which assessment people participate in and experts are representatives. We will invite relevant non-official organizations, project proponents, and local administrations to recommend one to two experts or scholars as representatives respectively to participate in the assessment in order to come to consensus.

(5) Villagers Clean Their Home:
We will mobilize people to clean their home and organize “Project of Promoting Integrated and Compound Mobilization for Environmental Protection” to assist institutions, organizations, and individuals in villages to establish blogs, organizational trees, patrol map on “Eco-Life website.” And we assist them to establish compound-auxiliary investigation, check, and reports and help environmental patrol and exhortation. We also persecute illegal cases. We combine urban environment and environmental sanitation to establish an exclusive institution it. We will build up excellent demonstrative zones of environmental protection and advocate 5S exercise of sustainable communities. We will organize the “Project of Quality Elevation for the Cleanness of Taiwan’s Public Restrooms,” establish national cleanness management system for public restrooms, improve citizens’ habits culture, and establish a pure home action network.

(6) Continue Improving the Water Quality in Rivers:
We will recover and remedy four urban rivers to effectively improve the water quality in rivers and the surrounding water landscapes. As to Tamshui River, the Love River, Zhoushui River, Erren River, and other rivers, the nine rivers whose middle and serious polluted lengths are over 50% will be remedies in priority.

(7) Promotion on the Whole Recycling and Zero Waste:
The refuse recycling rate will be elevated to over 43.5%. In 2011, the refuse collected rate will decrease 55% than that in 1998. The reuse rate of industrial waste reaches over 77%. The amount of waste quantity that should be recycled with certification increases 180 thousand tons.

(8) Reinforcement on the control of toxic chemical substances and environmental hormonal substances:
We will have assessment for the forbidden or restricted use of toxic chemical substances and forbid or restrict the use of them. We will reinforce the control of environmental hormonal substances in order to achieve the goal of protecting human health and environmental sustainability.

(9) Reinforcement of Green Consumption:
We will promote the system of environmental protection label to service industries and reinforce official administrations and non-official companies and organizations to carry out green purchasing project. We will also promote green stores to strengthen people’s green consumption.

(10) Promotion on Ecological Rural Villages and Ecological Communities:
We will help construct rural villages of sustainable resources recycling type and promote the entire modification of community to carry out “the three unity of life, production, and ecology.”

(11) Active Implementation of Environmental Supervision:
We will complete the quality management of environmental testing, reinforce the local environmental inspection, and promote soil and groundwater pollution remediation work.

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