Green Points for Premises that Voluntarily Obtain Indoor Air Quality Control Label


In September 2022, the EPA announced the Principles for Awarding Green Points for Obtaining Indoor Air Quality Voluntary Control Labels. For premises that are not announced to be regulated yet have obtained the voluntary control label, there is chance to earn 350,000 or 200,000 green points, redeemable for green products or green services.   

According to the EPA statistics, as of the end of August 2022 a total of 1,142 premises across Taiwan had obtained the voluntary control label (602 rated “excellent” and 540 rated “good”). Among them, 173 small and medium non-announced premises have been issued the label (118 rated “excellent and 55 rated “good”).  

The application process for the voluntary control label was changed to be fully online in August 2022, which has significantly improved convenience for premises. Non-announced premises now only need to prepare relevant documents and do not need to assign dedicated personnel. They are only required to write a maintenance and management plan, test the indoor air quality of their premises, and apply to the environmental protection authority of their jurisdictions. Once approved, they will obtain an excellent or good-rated label in addition to green points. Non-announced premises that obtain an excellent-rated label will earn 350,000 green points, while those that obtain a good-rated label will receive 200,000 green points. After earning green points, the premises can use the GreenPoint APP to collect or redeem points, enjoying commodities or services redeemed with green points while safeguarding the health of all.   

Green points can be redeemed fully or partly for daily necessity products to meet food, clothing, housing and transportation needs. These include products carrying Green Mark, carbon footprint labels, the MIT Smile logo, the CAS label, organic agricultural product labels, and the TAP label. Nearly 2,000 products are available for purchase or redemption. Green points can also be redeemed for vouchers or products at participating chain stores, or for discounts at places such as green restaurants and green hotels. Businesses are also free to use green points as a marketing tool. 

Non-announced premises that have obtained the voluntary control label and been issued green points will not have points issued again to them. Green points will be awarded by the EPA to non-announced premises that have obtained the label according to the order of when they have obtained it. The number of green points to be issued is limited. Non-announced premises are encouraged to participate in the upkeep of their public use spaces as early as possible and continue to improve indoor air quality. 

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, October 2022
Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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